FlowCon 2013 San Francisco, November 1

Submit a Talk Proposal


Half of the FlowCon program will be talks submitted through this process. The Program Committee will choose from among the submissions. You can submit your talk proposal online.

The goal of the conference is to bring together technologists and industry leaders passionate about innovation through continuous delivery, continuous design, and lean product development. We'll be exploring the role of culture, technology and design in building great products and services. The target audience is everyone involved in creating products and services that depend on software.

We’re looking for people to speak about their experience:

  • Using lean product development to iteratively build innovative products and services.
  • Adopting continuous design, delivery, and devops.

We are especially interested in proposals from people who:

  • Span multiple roles and work across organizational silos.
  • Work in a highly regulated context; a large, traditional enterprise; or in the pursuit of social and economic justice.
  • Are willing to share obstacles encountered or mistakes made and how you overcame them - whether cultural or technological.
  • Offer actionable advice "the rest of us" can apply today (even if we don't have the resources of Etsy / Amazon / Google).

We’re NOT looking for:

  • Theoretical talks or 101-style introductions.
  • Talks that focus on particular tools or vendors.

We’ll be choosing based on the conference’s values:

  • Learning: Our goal is to provide the best possible conference forum for practitioners to learn from each other how to build great products and services. 
  • Open Information: We aim to uncover how great products and services are built in real life and make this information freely available to the widest audience possible.
  • Diversity: We believe the technology community - and thus the conference speakers and participants - should reflect the demographics of our customers and the wider world.

To create a diverse and balanced event, we have chosen to use a merit-based submission process. In the initial round of selection we don’t ask you for your name, gender, ethnicity, age, or a video. The only identifying information is your email address, since we’ll need to contact you in case you get through to the final round. Feel free to use an email address which doesn’t reveal anything about you.

We have asked some questions about your role and previous experience (including speaking experience) - this is not designed to weed people out - we just want to make sure the program is balanced.

If you haven’t spoken before or don’t have many years of experience, please don’t let that stop you submitting. All we care about is that you have something of value to share with the participants. If your submission is successful and you want help preparing your talk, you can choose someone to help from among the program committee - we are committed to helping new speakers be successful.

If you know someone who you think would do an awesome job, please send them this page and encourage them to apply.

Speakers will get two nights’ stay in a hotel, and their (economy class) flight paid for. You’ll also get to attend the speaker’s dinner the night before the conference. Speakers must sign a release agreeing to have their talk and slides recorded and published.