FlowCon 2013 San Francisco, November 1

Speakers at FlowCon

 Adrian  Cockcroft
Adrian Cockcroft,
Director of architecture for the Cloud Systems team at Netflix
 Ashe  Dryden
Ashe Dryden,
Ruby Developer
 Catherine  Courage
Catherine Courage,
Senior VP Customer Experience, Citrix
 Courtney  Hemphill
Courtney Hemphill,
Lead Developer at Carbon Five
 Darren  Hague
Darren Hague,
SAP ID Service Architect, SAP Global IT
 Dominica  DeGrandis
Dominica DeGrandis,
Kanban for DevOps enthusiast, trainer and coach
 Elisabeth  Hendrickson
Elisabeth Hendrickson,
Pivotal Labs and FlowCon Program Committee Member
 Gary  Gruver
Gary Gruver,
VP of Release, QA, and Operations at macys.com
 Gene  Kim
Gene Kim,
Author of "The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps and Helping your Business Win" and FlowCon Program Committee Member
 James  DeLuccia
James DeLuccia,
Senior Manager in Advisory Services practice at Ernst & Young LLP
 Jeff  Patton
Jeff Patton,
Agile and Product Design Coach, Co-founder of Comakers LLC
 Jez  Humble
Jez Humble,
Author of "Continuous Delivery", Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks / FlowCon Program Committee Member
 Joe  McLean
Joe McLean,
Product Design Consultant, Thoughtworks
 John  Esser
John Esser,
Director of Engineering Productivity, Ancestry.com and FlowCon Program Committee Member
 John  Kordyback
John Kordyback,
Principal Consultant and Delivery Manager with ThoughtWorks
 John  Simone
John Simone,
Engineering Manager for the Build and Packaging team at Heroku
 Katrina  Owen
Katrina Owen,
 Lane  Halley
Lane Halley,
Product Designer, Carbon Five and FlowCon Program Committee Member
 Linda  Rising
Linda Rising,
Queen of patterns. Author of numerous books
 Natalie  Hollier
Natalie Hollier,
Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks
 Randy  Shoup
Randy Shoup,
Chief Technology Officer at KIXEYE
 Roy  Rapoport
Roy Rapoport,
Manager, Monitoring Engineering at Netflix
 Sascha  Bates
Sascha Bates,
Automation Junky
 Tim  Sullivan
Tim Sullivan,
President and Chief Executive Officer at Ancestry.com