Flowcon SF 2014, September 3-4 San Francisco, California

Gary Gruver, VP of Release, QA, and Operations at macys.com

Gary Gruver

Biography: Gary Gruver

Gary Gruver has been working in high tech for over 23 years; the first 22 years in various different leadership roles at HP, the last 5 years at HP was leading a large organization (400+ developers) on a journey from waterfall to agile development. This journey and observations were recently published as a case study that is part of the Agile Software Development Series. He is currently working for Macy’s.com as the VP of QE, Release and Operations learning about e-commerce and leading a transition toward continuous delivery.

Co-Author: A Practical Approach to Large Scale Agile Development

Twitter: @GRUVERGary

Blog: practicallargescaleagile.com

Presentation: The Agile Enterprise

Time: Wednesday 14:50 - 15:20 / Location: Metropolitan 1

This presentation will focus on a very different approach to scaling agile principles to the Enterprise versus the more typical approach of scaling scrum. The Agile Enterprise start with clarity in business objectives for the transformation. Next it highlights the importance of creating an Enterprise level continuous improvement process which is very different from an aggregation of team level continuous improvement process. One of the most important steps for creating an Agile Enterprise is keeping code releasable across the Enterprise. This presentation will go deep on the fundamentals of Devops, CI, and CD based on what has been found to be successful transforming legacy organizations. The final step will provide a framework for re-thinking the planning process to provide an Enterprise level backlog and longterm commitments.