Flowcon SF 2014, September 3-4 San Francisco, California

Kripa Krishnan, Technical Program Director at Google

Kripa Krishnan

Biography: Kripa Krishnan

Kripa Krishnan is a Technical Program Director at Google and has lead Google's Disaster Recovery Program (DiRT) for over 7 years. She also runs several Privacy and Security initiatives in Google Apps, and works on the new gTLDs launch and acceptance program.  Prior to Google, she worked with the Telemedicine Program of Kosovo to set up telemedicine infrastructure and a virtual education network in the region. In a previous life, she ran a theater and performing arts organization in India for several years. 

Presentation: Learning Continuously From Failures

Time: Wednesday 12:00 - 12:30 / Location: Metropolitan 1

Failures do happen all the time, and organizations need to both be prepared for them and learn from them. A sure way to make sure that the lessons learned are constantly applied is to test against them.  And this can be achieved by continuously and intentionally injecting faults into live systems to make sure the safeguards built to protect from such failures work, and to uncover new failure modes that may not have been considered prior.