Flowcon SF 2014, September 3-4 San Francisco, California

Sarah B Nelson, Sarah B. Nelson loves to help creative teams thrive

Sarah B Nelson

Biography: Sarah B Nelson

Sarah B. Nelson is the founder of Radically Human, a consulting and training company specializing in creative team and leadership development. Sarah is a popular workshop leader who loves to help creative practitioners develop their own unique creative leadership practice. Sarah combines a background in UX, classical training in the arts, and training in organizational relationship systems coaching to design unique and powerful team building experiences - that actually work.

Sarah has taken a human-centered approach to design since 1994, developing product strategies, digital experiences for clients such as Nike, The Metropolitan Opera, Skype, Vanguard Funds, PayCycle, Zappos, and Intel. She has also coached teams at United Airlines, Trek, Eventbrite, Riotgames, Autodesk, Lush Cosmetics, DirecTV, Walmart.com and Mozilla to advance their UX practices. Sarah has led teams at Adaptive Path, Hot Studio, and POP! and holds a Master of Design Methods (MDM) from the Institute of Design in Chicago. She has done extensive training in co-active and organizational relationship systems coaching.
Twitter: @sarahbeee

Presentation: Facing The Edge: Working With Change

Time: Wednesday 11:15 - 11:45 / Location: Metropolitan 2

Like death and taxes, it is certain that things will change. When change happens — re-orgs, strategy shifts, market volatility — people react strongly, in ways that are often counterproductive. One of the biggest challenges facing creative leaders is keeping people aligned, engaged, and creative in the face of change. Emotional literacy and a creative approach can save the day.

When you face change with the same creativity you use to approach design, your team will become capable of astounding things.

In this talk, Sarah will discuss how to lead teams creatively through the emotional minefields of change. She will discuss approaches that re-orient teams to the future, get teams out of common traps, and engage creative teams in their own destiny.

Workshop: How to Take Your Team from Troubled to Triumphant

Time: Thursday 09:00 - 12:00 / Location: City Room

Why can't we all just get along? We're smart, right? And smart people should be able to work together.

That *does* sound nice — unfortunately, human history tells us differently. People are tribal, emotional creatures. No matter how "smart" we are, we still have blind spots that place ourselves as the center of our universe, band us together with similar people, and place our needs in opposition to others. It's human nature.

This hands-on workshop is a perfect introduction for anyone who NEEDS to make teamwork work. You’ll learn how to identify and overcome common collaboration pitfalls. You'll help teams deliver results by exposing their blindspots and entrenched habits. You'll experience and practice tools that will overcome toxic team killers, lower communication barriers between individuals, disciplines and groups, and ultimately build a thriving creative team that does great work AND has fun doing it.

When you leave this workshop, you'll:

* silos: understand what they are, when they work, and when they don’t

* toxins: know how to identify and cure the four crippling team toxins

* conflict: articulate why healthy conflict is critical, but unhealthy conflict kills

* empathy: be able to develop real cross-discipline empathy in your team

* accountability: have a simple framework to increase accountability, ownership, and responsibility

* vision: know how championing the "why" will help your team find common ground